Health and Activity Tracking System
A "good diabetic" must work closely with a team of medical professionals who understand diabetes and its treatment, and must maintain records detailing blood glucose levels, food intake and medication usage.  In addition, weight and exercise are factors in what is going on and that information should be tracked as well.  Depending on the treatment regimen, calculation of medication dosages may be required making the records even more critical.

Doesn't sound like fun does it?  It's not, but it is important!

HATS© is a software tool to facilitate the record-keeping I needed to function as a "good diabetic".  I developed it, use it, and am very pleased to report that I'm now "the Boss".  Not only are my blood glucose levels under control, I feel like I understand why and what it takes to remain in control, and I spend far less time "juggling numbers" and keeping notes than I did before.

Taking control is how this game is won!

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