Installation Package Download Process

The download process will place a copy of the WeLoop.HATS installation package on your computer. 

The same process is used whether you are installing HATS for the first time or updating the version of HATS already installed on your computer

Clicking on the "download link" will display the file, actually the installation package, you are about to download.

Health and Activity Tracking System
That's it!

You now have the WeLoop.HATS installation package on your computer, the next step is to complete the Installation Process or the Update Process, which ever is appropriate.

Actually, the next step is to just "run" the installation.  The intiall process will check your computer and proceed with the "Initial Install" process if you've not previously installed HATS or the "Update Install" process.

Click on the "Save" button which opens a "Save As ..." window. 

You could click on the "Run" button which initiates the installation process immediately.  I don't recommend doing that, an Internet hick-up part way through the process may leave loose ends hanging around that have the potential of rearing their ugly heads later.

The "Save As ..." window will look something like

At the top is the folder location into which the install package will be placed.  I'd suggest saving it to your "Desktop" because it will be easy to find.

Upon completion of the download process, you will see the file looking something like this if you place it on your Desktop.
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