Program Update Installation

After you've completed the "download process" the next step is to install the update on your computer.

The download will have placed a file in the location you selected.  If you placed it on your DeskTop it will look something like one of these:

In a nutshell - you just double-click on the install icon, walk through the install process, accepting the "defaults" and you are set to go. 

Health and Activity Tracking System
Double-click on the installation package icon. 

Depending on the version of Windows you are using, a warning that changes are about to be made to your computer may be presented.  The install package, and the application software itself, is "digitally signed" to insure there have been no changes made nor any tampering with it since we prepared the packaged for distribution.
To decide whether or continue, check that:
If those entries are valid, responding "YES" will continue with the installation process.  If the entries are not as shown, or you just don't want to go forward, click on "NO" and the process aborts.

The installation process will determine that you have previously installed WeLoop.HATS and will proceed with the Update Install process.  The first window opens

indicating the Update Process will be used, and as always, what I call the "standard Windows boiler-plate". 

Click on the "Next" button which will present

the "Read.Me Notes" that typically cover something more-or-less important or significant, if not to you, to the software developer and he's a "sharing kind'a guy". 

Take a quick glance through it and click on the "Next" button which presents

Ready to install window.

Since HATS is already installed on your computer, the locations you specified when HATS was initially installed will be used.

Click on the "Next" button and the update is installed.
the completion notice - AMEN!

The default is for you to review the Help.Document upon completion of the installation, which I'd suggest you do.  Click on the "Finish" button and the fist page of the Help.Document is displayed.

OK!  You are now ready to go!

You may want to review the "What's New as of ..." section of the Help.Document for a discusstion of the functionality changes and extensions now included in HATS.

If you send us a note ( ) we'll be happy to send you an email anytime a new update is posted, and that is the only unsolicited email youll receive from us.  PERIOD!
If you'd prefer to remain anonymous, that's OK, just check back from time-to-time to be sure you don't miss something.  The "
How Do I - Get and Install Updates to WeLoop.HATS"  topic in the Help.Document has the details.
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