Version 1.1.03 - 07/29/2012

Click HERE to download the Install Package

This update addresses a couple of "small" issues that had not been encountered in our testing.  While "small" in the eyes of the developer, they were significant to the person who uses HATS as a tool.

I'm grateful they were pointed out and am embarrassed they were missed in testing.  We really do try to "do it right", but must admit to being human and on occasion to beg forgiveness.
Health and Activity Tracking System
The download file allows you to install the latest version of WeLoop.HATS for the first time, or to update the version you installed previously.

Documentation for the download and install processes is available below.

If you send us a note ( ) we'll be happy to send you an email anytime a new update is posted, and that is the only unsolicited email you'll receive from us.  PERIOD!
If you'd prefer to remain anonymous, that's OK, just check back from time-to-time to be sure you don't miss something.  The "
How Do I - Get and Install Updates to WeLoop.HATS"  topic in the Help.Document has the details.
The download file is the Install Package for the latest version of WeLoop.HATS, it will complete the initial/first-time install or the update-install to WeLoop.HATS version you installed previously as needed.

Documentation with a review of each of the steps:
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