Call Back Reminders
I've seen studies indicating it is cheaper to cultivate an existing Customer than it is to acquire a new one.  Seems reasonable to me.  That means monitoring Sales.Orders to be sure they are shipped, confirming receipt by the Customer, and "asking for the re-order" when appropriate.  That means a LOT of follow-up.

The  Call Back  button on the Main.Window Toolbar has evolved to act as a "tickler file" to assist in the follow-up activities.  Originally its sole purpose was to assist in locating the Customer when only the telephone number was recorded by Caller-Id.  It now includes a list of "Reminders" created as Sales.Orders are entered and Invoices recorded.  The background color of the button indicates the urgency of Reminders:
In a nutshell, there are three sources of Reminders.  Based on the parameters you define in Company Options and in the Call.Back/Planner Events Table, SAMS will create a Reminder based on Sales.Order and also Invoice entry.  You can manually create a Reminder based on your contacts with the Customer.
Click on the  Call Back  button, the Call-Back Reminders (51.35) window is presented.  Press the F1-Key and the Help.Document information is presented with "everything you ever wanted to know, and then some".  If you get lost in all of the verbiage, grab the phone and call.

Lessons from the School of Hard Knocks
These notes are the result of telephone conversations and email exchanges over the years.  The purpose here is twofold: