Current Update -- Version 4.1.08 -- 04/27/2013

This update includes all previously released modifications, updates, and extensions to WeLoop.SAMS and completes our migration to the updated development environment we use.
Update to Version 4.1.08 - 04/27/2013

This update corrects an error in the Customer Territory-Assignment Review processing, how long it has existed I have no idea, but it made the function virtually-unusable so I'm hoping it's something we did only recently. A "quick and dirty" fix was applied to allow us time to "do it right", and that took way longer that I expected.
NOTE: This situation demonstrates, very clearly, the validity of the old programming adage: "making a change to one thing provides the opportunity of breaking something else, which is often-times unrelated". Should you stumble over something that "doesn't look right", PLEASE drop us a note so it can be investigated and corrected if necessary.
  • Corrected a condition, this is the "quick and dirty" part, in the "Territory Customer ReAssignment (50.36) window" processing which could cause the buttons along the left-hand edge of the window to be distorted as they were displayed ( File | HouseKeeping | Customer-Territory Assignment ) which prevented them from being used.
  • Testing the "quick and dirty" fix made me think some additional functionality would be beneficial. Previously the list of "Tagged for Update" Customers merely presented the Change Customer Territory-Assignment (54.21) window, requiring each Customer to be manually updated. Some times that is acceptable, but then again sometimes it is not. We've added an option to allow all Customers in the list to be updated with the same re-assignment specification as a group. Certainly should have seen that one a long time ago -- sorry about being so slow to catch on.
  • Once the additional functionality had been added and tested, updating the Help.Document exposed a number of changes that were needed. A complete update of the Help.Document is high on the ToDo.List but not yet started. I made some changes to the document but had to cut it off in order to get this update released
And, by the way - the Help.Document update is now at the TOP of the ToDo.List

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