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Print Now
Back in the "old days", you could press on the "Print Key" and what you saw on the screen was printed on your printer.  When Microsoft Windows came on the scene this ability was somehow overlooked.  Several years ago we stumbled over this handy "screen print" program on the Ziff-Davis website, have found it to be a handy tool and make it available here for you.
We didn't write it and we don't support it, but we do use it and it works.

Compression Utilities
WeLoop SAMS' data backup combines all of your data files into a compressed archive file, commonly known as a "zipped file".  When you restore from a backup created by SAMS the files are decompressed and separated into their original form.  Although this is done "under the covers" rather than depending on an external "compression utility" program, the archive is compatible with the various "standard zip programs".  There are a number of "compression utility" programs available that accomplish the same thing.
We didn't write these and we don't support them, but we do use them.
The WeLoop.Zipper
This is a "standalone utility" program similar to WINzip, PKzip, and Ultimate.Zip, etc. with a couple of significant differences:
  • The WeLoop.Zipper is an extension to WeLoop.SAMS, meant to be a simple tool, with its focus on the needs of WeLoop.SAMS users and all members of their organization.  It is NOT meant to be a replacement for, nor a competitor to, the various compression utilities available. 
  • The WeLoop.Zipper is licensed software.  A permanent License is granted upon installation.  There is no registration requirement, however, the terms of our Software License do apply.
  • The WeLoop.Zipper is available for use by anyone who may download it from the WeLoop website.
  • The WeLoop.Zipper may be used to extract the reports from an "eMail Package" created by WeLoop.SAMS, however it is NOT necessary that it be used.  The "eMail Package" IS compatible with the various compression utilities available from other sources.
  • The WeLoop.Zipper may be used with "zip files" created by other compression utilities or to create "zip files" that will be processed by other compression utilities.
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