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WeLoop is a developer of tools and services for the Gift & Decorative Home Furnishings Industry.  As an extension of Bernard Information Systems, Inc., the WeLoop developers bring decades of software development and industry experience to every task.

Since the mid 80's our software has been helping Sales Agencies and Sales Reps maximize their effectiveness as a key part of the industry.

The WeLoop goal is to support all members of the industry --Manufacturers, Sales Reps, and Retailers.  All WeLoop tools and services are designed to serve the immediate needs of one member while providing direct, or at the very least indirect, benefits to the other channel partners. WeLoop's dedication to the entire industry is the distinguishing characteristic of our company.

WeLoop SAMS™
is designed with and for Professional Sale Agencies in The Gift & Decorative Home Furnishings Industry.  Our primary design criteria is:
  • Fit the Sales Agency like a glove;
  • Take advantage of technology, but be conservative and DO NOT approach "the bleeding edge";
  • Build on a solid foundation that goes beyond allowing change, expect change.
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