In a world where knowledge properly applied yields power, WeLoop™ SAMS equips your Sales Agency with the power to perform.

There is no question that Commission Accounting is an important activity.  It becomes a profitable activity when it is the basis for your evaluation of Agency performance and the source of marketing intelligence.

With WeLoop™ SAMS the information from your everyday business transactions is harnessed to help you turn that information into a competitive advantage.

Management decisions must be based on facts and tempered by experience.  Once you have the facts, know they are valid, and you know they are because you used them for compensation, you apply your experience in making the adjustments necessary to achieve your goals.

The School of Hard Knocks is a tough institution.  We think the lessons learned should be shared by all.  Toward that goal, a series of articles is posted here to pass the experiences along to the entire community.

As much as I like to think I have no flaws, even a stubborn fellow like me will ultimately accept reality.  WeLoop.HATS is a tool designed to assist folks in managing Type-2 Diabetes.

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